Till the cows come home


Ik ben het zat

means: enough is enough!


Mandingo is a song about black culture. It is the name of a West African
tribe noted for the masculinity and strength of the men. This is a time when
the world is very conscious of Black Culture through President Obama,
100metres champion Usain Bolt, the death of Michael Jackson, and the world
Football Championship which was held in South Africa 2010.
It was first released by a group called PG&P in 1976 and has now been covered by Chey.
It still has a 70’ flavour to it and is one of her favourite songs.
Mandingo has been released so far in 11 countries.

People need the Lord

Jesus said: I am the way, the truth and the life.
                                                              John 14;6

Till i finde you

Is a beautiful love ballad inspired by life experience and speaks to the heart. This is a catchy tune which you are liable to get hooked on after hearing it twice.